Manage controlled shutdowns and restarts of your Hyper-V Hosts and Guests

FruitWorks Shutdown Manager allows you to control the shutdown order of your Hyper-V virtual machines with much more granularity than the built-in Hyper-V tools. You can set a specific shutdown order, and sure that each chosen virtual machine has been shutdown successfully before moving on to the next one.

Two specific example where Shutdown Manager can give you increased control of your environment are:

Applying Windows Updates to the Host Hyper-V server
With Shutdown Manager, you can initiate a controlled shutdown of all Virtual Machines, and then restart the Host once everything has shutdown gracefully.

Power Outages
When your UPS software receives a signal from the UPS to shutdown the Hyper-V host then you can use Shutdown Manager to control and manage the shutdown of all of the Virtual Machines before the Host itself shuts down. This negates the need to install UPS power management software on every single Virtual Machine (which may not even be possible).

For example you can ensure that your Accounts server shuts down before your SQL server, so that the Accounts server is able to flush anything in memory to the SQL database server and nothing is lost.

And you can ensure that your Exchange server finishes shutting down before your Active Directory server, so that Exchange services aren't left hanging (which we all know from bitter experience can cause an Exchange server shutdown to take considerably longer!).

You can specify the timeout delay before Shutdown Manager stops waiting for the virtual machine to shutdown and moves on to the next one.

You can also use Shutdown Manager to instruct the host Hyper-V server to either shutdown or restart once all virtual machines have shutdown gracefully.

Shutdown Manager works with Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 (with Service Pack 1) and is currently free to download and use, even in a commercial environment.


Copyrights and other information:

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